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Ferris Wheel 

Our 4ft Ferris wheel comes jam packed full of all your sweets. We have custom built our Ferris wheel to the biggest and best love heart design which stands out from the crowd. With 16 compartments of of sweets which you get to choose from.  

Candy Cart 

The vintage candy cart is definitely a one of a kind. With 10 choices of sweets, themed decorations and built in lights our candy cart is not only beautiful but elegant perfect for any event. 

Candy Table 

If you wanting to keep costs low why not go for a well presented candy table for your guests to indulge on. You get a choice of 8x sweets, themed table decorations along with scoops and bags for your guests to enjoy. 

Sweet Trees

Design your own sweet tree for any occasion from Halloween, wedding, christenings & Birthday. Choose your favorite sweets along with a color.. 

Candy Cones

A perfect gift for children at weddings or birthday. Up to 4 sweets in large cellophane bags.